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You are Amazing.

As humans, judgement can be a very big part of our every day lives. I don't think we intentionally set out that way, but it happens a lot. We judge other people on how they look or dress, where they work, what their habits are and how they live their lives. At a higher level, we judge belief systems and other races. If all of that wasn't hard enough, we place judgement on ourselves so often that we may not even recognize when we are doing it.

Have you ever done something that you completely regret? Had an important meeting and completely messed up? Said no to a friend or family member but then "guilt-ed" yourself endlessly for days? We are human, so we have all been there. Even the most kind, compassionate and loving person can be awful to themselves at times.

One day I was at a reiki session with my teacher and she said something to me that shook me to the core. I was doubting and speaking negatively about myself without even noticing and she stopped me. She asked if I would ever speak in that way to a child or another person, which I answered- NO, of course not!! She said, "then what makes it okay to speak to yourself that way?". I don't think anything has ever resonated with me so much. If I can speak kindly to others, love animals with all my heart and do anything for friends and family, I am definitely capable of being kind to myself.

So today I would like you to look in the mirror, tell yourself how amazing you are, forgive the person that stares back at you and most importantly send them unconditional love. They also deserve your kindness.

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels

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