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My own personal path has been paved in experience. I have been the woman who was overworked, has struggled with self worth, dealt with ongoing health problems and has constantly wondered what my life purpose was supposed to be.  The lessons that have come my way and the years I have spent learning and specializing in certain modalities were born from necessity and were key to my own personal growth.  I am happy to offer these healing and transformative tools, to help you feel ‘less alone’ on your path and to let you know that you are supported.  


I live in rural Renfrew County (ON, Canada) with my husband and sweet dogs, Maggie and Charlie –where we invite others to our 'rustic sanctuary'. Surrounded by trees and winding dirt roads, clients and visitors instantly feel a sense of calm and rejuvenation.

I am here to ‘hold space for you’, while you walk your own personal path.  I have spent over 25 years in the corporate world and over a decade transitioning my skills and tools to support other women into more energetically fulfilling stages of their lives. 


If I had to describe myself, this would be it!

Can you relate to overcoming obstacles during your lifetime that challenged everything you thought you knew about yourself? Can you relate to feeling like it was all too much: seeing the effects of your health, your relationships and sense of self suffer?

My journey started over 10 years ago; I was about to enter my 40’s and I was feeling lost, searching for something, but I had no idea what it was.  As an avid reader, writer and learner I soon felt guided to something called "Reiki" –energy work that felt foreign and familiar, all at the same time.

For several years I balanced a full-time corporate job while committing myself to learning Reiki, Earth Medicine, Animal Communication, Psychic Development, Mediumship –eventually becoming a Reiki Master. Throughout these studies I became connected with a version of myself that "felt like home" –helping me understand that I was here not just to overcome my own obstacles, but to help others feel less alone in growth too.

Today I offer healing and mentorship services professionally;   applying guided knowledge and shared compassion to areas of my clients' lives that ignite transformation, surrender and trust.

I feel blessed to be part of their journeys. To be trusted as a source of healing, wisdom and support throughout their experiences. I am here to help others remember the amazing being they were born to be. The invitation to grow into our best selves is always here with us. Trust that you are not alone in this journey; you are safe and supported here.

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