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Sessions are available remotely and in-person (Renfrew County, ON). Follow me on Instagram to find out when I am available in other cities (guest appearances) and new workshops become available.

Energy Healing

~Energy Healing~


Our physical , emotional and energetic bodies are sophisticated systems that tell us when something is "off". It can be hard to tune in and figure out what needs adjustment when we are in the midst of burnout, fatigue, overwhelm or experiencing transitions in our lives. 

Energy Healing sessions give us the opportunity to connect with physiological systems that aid in the recovery of ongoing stressors, imbalances and feeling "out of touch" with your own divinity. Full chakra analysis, rebalancing and channeled messages are offered in each session. Leave feeling restored, connected and at peace. 

Animal Communication

~Animal Communication~

The bond you share with your animals is one of the richest joys of life. Understanding their body language is the first step, but there are times when we want to know more about their needs than their wagging tails or drooping eyes are telling us. During these sessions we will tune into your animal’s energy, ask them questions, receive validation and help alleviate potential problems, stressors and triggers. 

These sessions are also available to those who are looking to learn how to better communicate with their own animals.


~Readings & Guidance ~

We all get stuck along the way and trying to figure out our next step can be overwhelming.  Whether you are looking for guidance around a specific area of your life or are just open to hearing compassionate and supportive messages, your ‘spirit team’ is ready to help you.

During these sessions, channelled (written and audio) messages are delivered as information comes through.

Readings and Guidance

~ Workshops ~

Experience the comfort that comes with gathering amongst other like-minded souls while we learn, connect and grow. Each workshop focuses on specific topics and is designed to help take you to the next level in your personal or professional journey.

These workshops predominately take place in person at locations between Renfrew, Arnprior and Ottawa, ON. If you would like to host a workshop or event for a group you know contact me here.


Coaching & Mentorship ~

"I want you to see what I see in you" –your beauty, your brilliance, your strength and your resilience. Together we can reignite, restore and revitalize your lustre for life.

These self-mastery services are meant for you if you are:

  • Feeling unhappy in career, relationships or health.

  • Experiencing anxiety, fear, doubt, feeling stuck.

  • Holding yourself back and can't understand why.

  • Questioning your self worth.

  • Ready to move forward and start a new chapter.

  • Open to guidance, mentorship and new kinds of support.

  • Beginning to explore your own sense of spirituality.

  • Believe that on some level you deserve more.



Are you ready for  this?

Change isn't easy, and for some of us neither is admitting we need more support. Coaching and mentorship is best for those who are ready to change, open to honest input and genuinely committed to making yourself a priority.

You must be ready to ‘hear the truth’- your inner truth, and what is observed during our time together. You must be open to shifting your life from your current circumstances to embracing the idea that there are powerful chapters within waiting to be written by you!

Choose a weekly, monthly or quarterly format and watch how having a dedicated support system can open up entire new worlds for you.

~Recharge &Renew~

These ongoing sessions give you the space you need to ‘unwind’ in a safe, judgement free environment. We'll start by identifying key goals, themes and struggles you'd like more support with.  We will uncover techniques and steps that resonate with you.  Shifting your awareness with guidance, will help to free your mind, and soothe your soul.

Energy work is integrated to help restore the 'body, mind and soul' for those who are open and ready to shine the light on underlying emotions, blockages, traumas and health issues.  At the end of each session you'l receive a summary of the themes and message that came through, as well as a chakra report (indicating block/cleared chakras).

Our sessions can be remote or in-person.


~ Release & Grow ~

Something amazing happens when we feel truly supported. When we no longer have to defend, explain or justify ourselves or our feelings –we become free and connect with the part of ourselves that dares to dream again. Soon we begin to feel the effects of transformation across our lives, relationships and careers.

Investing in yourself means letting go of the anxiety, fear and doubt that has left you feeling like a stranger in your own life. Something powerful happens when you begin to embrace your own beauty, strength and gifts. A light opens up and gives others the courage to do the same.

Let yourself experience more joy, more peace and more life!

Curious to know what's next?


It takes courage to grow, to ask for help, to listen and to TRANSFORM. This next step is yours to take if you are ready, willing, and able to trust and surrender to the positive shift that will be felt across all areas of your life.
Simply book a complimentary call to see if we're a good fit for your personal journey!  Weekly, monthly and quarterly options available, both online and in-person giving you access to ongoing growth and support options.

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