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My First Talk.

So, I'm about to do something I have never done before.....well, not exactly. I have talked for years. I have presented in a business atmosphere for approximately 25 years now and I have always loved doing that. But this is different. This is a topic and a path that I am so very passionate about, it is going to feel like a first for me!

On August 31st, I will be a vendor in the Ottawa Valley Wellness Show being held at the Renfrew Armouries. In addition to being a vendor that day, I will also be giving a talk called "My Self-Care Toolbox", to those who are interested in signing up. I am so excited to meet new people and share some of my learnings and stories with them. Through the years, I have worked with, mentored and established strong relationships with so many people (adults, teenagers and children), who have had issues or some adversity to overcome. We all go through struggles and hard times, however I wanted to concentrate on the positive: quick, simple, tools to help us get through those times. I'm typically a very private person and don't usually share too much, even with those closest to me, but something in me wants and needs to start making a difference. The sadness, hurt and anxiety is everywhere, and if I can help even one person learn to release in a healthy way, that means everything to me.

If you are in the Renfrew area on August 31st, I would love to meet you. Wish me luck!

Photo by Jane Pham from Pexels


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