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The Inspiration of Others.

I am just returning from my yearly visit to Grail Springs and what an amazing experience once again. It always amazes me at the beginning, not knowing anyone and then finishing the week with new friends. What a group this year!

What I respect the most is when someone decides not to judge others and instead, work on themselves. A saying I use quite regularly is "judging yourself is taking the easy route, its working through it that makes you stronger." I met people who were coming in completely stressed out, feeling a little lost, being very self-critical and not knowing where to start. What I saw at the end was complete transformation- it was inspirational. To all of you (and you know who you are)....keep going! There is so much creativity, beauty and compassion in each of you- it was a true pleasure!

Photo by Gelgas Airlangga from Pexels


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