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The True Blessing of Animals.

I recently completed my certification of Animals and Reiki and have so much gratitude for what I experienced. Learning about animal behaviours and how their chakra system differs slightly from ours was very interesting and as you can say, I had a lot of "aha" moments. But the best was yet to come.

As a part of the training, we had the honour of spending one full day at Flying Moon Farm in Beckwith with amazing animals called The Courage Herd. The Herd consists of five horses- Echo, Freya, Sonnet, Pearl and Cedar , one miniature horse- Finn and a donkey named Whisper. To call this a magical day would be an understatement. I have never felt such connection. This herd works with people to help mirror and heal the emotional body. They naturally give on a regular basis. The day we spent with them, our intent was to give back to these loving creatures. Through our Reiki practice, we were able to connect, send Reiki blessings from a distance and most amazingly give some hands on energy healing to the members of The Courage Herd that came to us directly.

The two things I have quickly learned about animals is that 1) most love to receive energy healing and 2) that they will very clearly let you know when they have had enough by walking away abruptly.

I was blessed to have a strong connection with both Whisper- the donkey and Sonnet- one of the mares. Whisper is the resident energy caretaker, constantly working with the horses that are in need. She was well deserving of the energy treatment we gave her and she absorbed it all for a long period of time.

Sonnet was interesting and an amazing learning experience for me. She came extremely close to me a few times. As she neared, I put out my hands but was still at a bit of a distance. Suddenly she turned her back end to me and wanted my hands directly on the top of her hind quarters. Every time I shifted so I wasn't directly behind her, she shifted again so that I was. We went on like this for a few minutes until I realized that this is obviously what she really needed. When we went inside and were explaining our experiences with our Reiki Teacher- Samantha Smith, she explained to me that Sonnet usually stays at a distance. When I described our interaction, Sam confirmed that Sonnet has had some hip issues so she was clearly in need of some energy healing in that area.

I have now worked with dogs, cats, birds, horses and a donkey and each experience brings with it new learning. I know that this is a very big part of my spiritual path and that I will be working with animals forever.

Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels


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