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Communication in Nature.

Sitting here with Maggie on the deck...morning coffee, listening to the birds and all of the nature noises, only it doesn't sound like noise, it sounds like a beautiful orchestra.

I wonder how many days of our lives we go through without even listening what is being played for us every single day for our enjoyment. No cost, no expectation back- just because.

Nature has so much to constant communication with one another. I see the squirrels chasing the chipmunks and hummingbirds constantly going after each other. I originally thought they were attacking each other but after watching them for so long, I see that they are playing- something they are trying to remind us of.

Sometimes it's a challenge for me to just sit and have a coffee. Thoughts never stop. I usually pick up my phone for a distraction and end up scrolling incessantly just to pass the time before I jump up and get to my never ending "to do list". Today I chose to sit and a healthier outlet of paper and pen. I love to write and always have. In a way, it forces me to look around, to listen and most importantly, to feel.

So much of this human experience is scary- fear based, sadness, anger, frustration. Days like this show me that there is so much beauty as well. Amazing gifts that we take for granted everyday. One of the most simple ways to clear your cluttered mind is to step outside- take a deep breath, take in the beautiful sounds around you and be thankful. Does your "to do list" really need to be done or are you adding things just to keep yourself busy from listening to your thoughts, filling up every single moment with little distractions- majority of which doesn't give you fulfilment?

We look at children and see them with their filled up days- running from sport to sport or club to practice of some sort. We say "when do they have time to just be kids"? But have you ever noticed that we also do that to ourselves? Overbook our days with menial tasks to what end? I'm not talking groceries- a girl's got to eat, but the other stuff. I bet if we really took a look,

a lot can be removed from what we feel we "have to do". Take away the phone scrolling and I bet you just freed up over an hour in your day. I know I can! Let's make a pact to use this hour for good. Listen to the world around you, take a walk, write in a journal or just sit. I guarantee this will put you in a much better mindset to tackle your day. I'm starting now!


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