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My New Normal.

I'm pretty sure when the isolation started, we never thought it would literally shut us down for months. Here we are, week 11 working from home is about to start, and we are slowly contemplating going back. What does that mean? I am the type of person who barely slows down. My brain works a mile a minute and I think of so many things at once that I have several lists to keep me organized. In the first couple of weeks I was going stir crazy....anxious to get "back at it" as soon as possible. I didn't realize how caught up in "the busyness of life" I was until I had to stop. Now, I have a much different perspective. I have been blessed with the opportunity to have the time to reassess my values and priorities. I have learned what to let go of and that

Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

small irritations really don't matter. I have learned to just sit and enjoy- listening to the birds, walking in nature, petting my aging dog and laughing again. I have learned to completely walk away from any drama and remain solid in my positive thinking. I do realize that someone reading this may disagree and perhaps you have had a completely different experience with your time. Outside of a few exceptions, I do believe it is a personal choice for what you allow into your world. You can use this time to be frustrated and impatient or you can take the time to truly check in with yourself. Look at it as an opportunity to create a solid foundation and set the boundaries that you will stick to for YOUR OWN mental health and well being. Try not to slip right back into the same old, same old. ​I challenge you to create "your new normal"!


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