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Taking the time to be in silence is one of the most basic and important needs of our human experience. Reality and daily life is so busy, it can literally be all consuming. How many times have you run through your entire day only to realize at the end of it that you have no idea what you've accomplished or how you even got home?

Self-care is critical to our overall health and well-being. Contrary to what some people think or in some cases how they try to make you feel, taking care of YOU is not a selfish act. It is a very brave and pro-active one. If you allow yourself to become depleted, you will not have anything left to give. Silencing the "voice inside" will allow you to re-energize and fill yourself back up. It also helps your creativity and problem solving skills to flow with greater clarity.

Take a few minutes each day to look up at the sky, stare at the clouds, walk on the grass or just inhale deeply. Silence is indeed, golden.


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