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A Fresh Start.

I know January can be a bit "blah", but I have always viewed this time as a "new start". Although its not necessary to label one day a year to have a new start, it can be really be done at any time, it helps me to move forward.

This year because of the pandemic, the holidays were very quiet which is very unusual for me. I was nervous about how that would feel, but I actually enjoyed and appreciated my down time. I was grateful that all of my friends and family were happy and safe and although we were not spending the time together, we were all here and in good health. I found myself on a few occasions just staring out my back window, thankful for where I am. I am completely surrounded in nature and I don't think there is anything more beautiful than seeing the snow on the trees.

January is my time to complete my goal list. Yes, I know there is A LOT of information out there at this time of year. Ads telling you that you need to set your resolutions, take a look at your weight, make huge changes, etc. But this can be very scary. I think I have written in the past about the "101 Goal List" that I have been doing every year since I was a teenager. This tradition was passed to me from my best friends' mom and it is one that I still use to this day. For over 30 years I have been doing this and it is my "reset" button. I have tracked my lists for years and it is so interesting to see how my priorities have changed. I know 101 sounds like a massive number, but I break my goals down into very simple, little steps. I have anything from cleaning out a closet, to volunteering my time. This system works for me. I don't believe I have ever accomplished all of them, but I have made progress every year which is great. This year, my main goal is to be the best HUMAN I can be. I don't put pressure on myself as I have a full year to work through these goals, but it gives me an excellent guide to refer to.

Thank you 2020 for the lessons. Welcome 2021...I know the blessings are on the way!

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels


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