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A Good Chakra Cleansing.

Do you ever have one of those days (or weeks) when you just feel "off" but you can't explain why? It wasn't until I started on my Reiki journey that I quickly learned there was an entire energy system running through my body that dictates whether I am well or not. This system, known as the Chakra system is critical to our physical. mental, emotional and spiritual health. Without getting into too much detail, each chakra is like a spinning wheel and when that wheel stops, it can really affect you.

So how do you keep your wheels spinning? Re-group- in whatever way works for you best. Take a walk, listen to your favorite song, dance, colour, do yoga, work out, find a body of water or simply sit in silence. Taking a few minutes to breathe in what is needed. Walk on the grass barefoot or hug a tree- as crazy as it might sound to some, it is the quickest way to "ground" yourself and bring you back to your centre.

Reiki is also a great way to get you spinning again!

Photo by Arina Krasnikova from Pexels


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