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This is a safe space where women come to rediscover who they truly are. Together we will remove the blockages that are holding you back and uncover the 'perfection' that is your TRUE SELF.  You are valued, you are seen, you are supported.


I'm so happy we've found each other


My name is Kristin Olsen; I am a heart-centred Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer and Animal Communicator who specializes in helping women reconnect with their inner-wisdom, strength, and power.

My own personal path has been paved in experience. I have been the woman who was overworked, has struggled with self worth, dealt with ongoing health problems and has constantly wondered what my life purpose was supposed to be.  The lessons that have come my way and the years I have spent learning and specializing in certain modalities were born from necessity and were key to my own personal growth.  I am happy to offer these healing and transformative tools, to help you feel ‘less alone’ on your path and to let you know that you 

are supported.  


I live in rural Renfrew County (ON, Canada) with my husband and sweet dog, Maggie –where we invite others to our 'rustic sanctuary'.  Here you will feel rejuvenated amongst the grounding power of nature and the calming energy of someone who cares.

I am here to ‘hold space for you’, while you walk your own personal path.  I have spent over 25 years in the corporate world and over a decade transitioning my skills and tools to support other women into more energetically fulfilling stages of their lives.


let's begin...

This is a time just for you.  A time to recharge, recalibrate and recover from all those things that have left you feeling small, lost, alone and overwhelmed. 

You are in the right place if you are looking for:​

  • More support, guidance, direction and structure.

  • Increased confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

  • Ways to shift ‘energy blockages’ to move forward.

  • A deeper connection with nature, animals and the world around you.

  • A Sanctuary; rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • The ‘truest’ version of yourself (she's here!)

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Uncovering and rediscovering our best selves is an ongoing process. Lasting transformation takes time and requires the kind of support that some of us aren't always able to find with our family and friends.

For consistent support and lasting inner growth, I invite you to join me in weekly, monthly, or quarterly intervals, where we can rise together as spirited, ambitious, and inspired women.

Services Available



Uncover your gifts and restore your inner light with these relaxing and transformative sessions.  Release ‘stuck energy’ and clear the path for your practical self to walk with more clarity and a lighter heart.



Connect with your animal at a higher level to acknowledge their unique wants, needs, personalities and habits.  Understand underlying issues to help restore harmony in the home or space. Communicate thoughts and feelings and receive them back.



Knowing which step to take next is far less daunting when we trust our intuition and tune into the energies around us. Receive personalized guidance and messages to help ignite and clarify the path ahead of you. Includes Intuitive and Oracle Card readings.


In-person and distance sessions available for all session types.

DISCLAIMER: Kristin Olsen Healing does not diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, perform medical treatment, give any medical, legal or financial advice or interfere with the treatment or advice of a licensed professional.  It is recommended that for any mental, physical or psychological ailments, a licensed physician, health care professional, or veterinarian is consulted.

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How to get the most out of our time together


If you have never worked with someone like me (a Coach, Mentor, Energy Healer and Animal Communicator) you might be wondering "what can I expect?"

The best way to prepare for our sessions is to give yourself a few minutes of quiet time beforehand.  Sit, get comfortable and connect with your breath. Arrive with an open mind and set an intention for what you would like to get out of our time together. Your body, your energy and your intuition will help guide us to the areas that need attention –leave the rest up to me!


Energy Healing

Helping people, that’s what truly lights me up!  You have so many amazing unique gifts and talents, sometimes clarity and a bit of guidance is all that’s needed. 
I offer sessions which help with deep relaxation, improved sleep, stress and pain relief (emotional and physical), reducing anxiety, self-healing, energy balance, improved self-esteem, heightened self awareness, and intuition.

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Animal Communication

The bond you share with your animals is one of the richest joys of life. Understanding their body language is the first step, but there are times when we want to know more about their needs than their wagging tails or drooping eyes are telling us. During these sessions we will tune into your animal’s energy, ask them questions, receive validation and help alleviate potential problems, stressors and triggers. 


Readings & Guidance

We all get stuck along the way and trying to figure out our next steps can be overwhelming.  Whether you are looking for guidance around a specific area of your life or are just open to hearing compassionate and supportive messages, your ‘spirit team’ is ready to communicate with you.

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Coaching & Ongoing Support

"I want you to see what I see in you" –your beauty, your brilliance, your strength and your resilience. Together we can reignite, restore and revitalize your lustre for life.

These life-nourishing services are meant for you if you are:

  • Feeling unhappy in career, relationships or health.

  • Experiencing anxiety, fear, doubt, feeling stuck.

  • Holding yourself back and can't understand why.

  • Questioning your self worth.

  • Ready to move forward and start a new chapter.

  • Open to guidance, mentorship and new kinds of support.

  • Beginning to explore your own sense of spirituality.

  • Believe that on some level you deserve more.



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Who it's best for

Change isn't easy, and for some of us neither is admitting we need more support. Coaching and mentorship is best for those who are ready to change, open to honest input and genuinely committed to making yourself a priority.

You must be ready to ‘hear the truth’- your inner truth, and what is observed during our time together. You must be open to shifting your life from your current circumstances to embracing the idea that there are powerful chapters within waiting to be written by you!

What happens during

These ongoing sessions give you the space you need to ‘unwind’ in a safe, judgement free environment. We'll start by identifying key goals, themes and struggles you'd like more support with.  We will uncover techniques and steps that resonate with you.  Shifting your awareness with guidance, will help to free your mind, and soothe your soul.

Energy work is integrated to help restore the 'body, mind and soul' for those who are open and ready to shine the light on underlying emotions, blockages, traumas and health issues.  

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Why it's so powerful

Something amazing happens when we feel truly supported. When we no longer have to defend, explain or justify ourselves or our feelings –we become free and connect with the part of ourselves that dares to dream again. 

Investing in yourself means letting go of the anxiety, fear and doubt that has left you feeling like a stranger in your own life. You begin to embrace your beauty, your strength and your unique gifts in powerful ways that are felt by those around you. You become the amazing ‘YOU’ that was there all along.

How to take the bravest next step


It takes courage to grow, to ask for help, to listen and to TRANSFORM. This next step is yours to take if you are ready, willing, and able to trust and surrender to the positive shift that will be felt across all areas of your life.
Simply book a complimentary call to see if we're a good fit for your personal journey!  Weekly, monthly and quarterly options available, both online and in-person (Renfrew, Ontario).



There are times when all we want to do is give the feeling of CALM, CLARITY & CONNECTION to those around us. Gift your choice of session, or an amount towards any session to someone special; an email is sent instantly with instructions on how they can redeem and book.

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Sunrei Healing Blog


"Judging yourself is taking the easy route, it's working through it that makes you strong."

Part of my journey as a trusted healer, communicator and mentor has been continuous growth and moving through my own experiences. I began this journey as "Sunrei Healing" and have evolved and shifted in many ways since.  I invite you take a glimpse into my world, get to know more about me  –and when you're ready, invite me to be a part of yours.


Recent Podcasts & Interviews

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"I have been fortunate to have a few distance reiki healing sessions with Kristin.  The first time it was offered, she was unaware that I was facing a crossroads in my personal life and journey of self discovery, it was like she knew I needed some guidance!  The results of both sessions were similar in that they offered the clarity and rebalancing in the parts of my life that I was struggling with.  Almost immediately after she performed the healing session, I felt a release in the chakras that were blocked (even before reading the results from her!).  Anyone on their journey to awareness, self healing or just interested in reiki should definitely consider participating in a session with Kristin!"
– Lindsay K. 

"I recently received a superb and powerful distance reiki session from Kristin. Her approach is beautifully guided, feels totally aligned with her life’s purpose and leaves a high resonance when completed.  Thank you Kristin for so generously offering the profound healing you do."
– ​Karl V.


"Thank you Kristin!  I had an amazing session with Kristin today.  She gave me an energetic reading and every single thing she said was exactly right.  The earrings, the coffee, the dog!  And the message from my guides was what I have been struggling with.  You gave me such validation Kristin and I can't thank you enough.  Will highly recommend you any time."
– Deb P.


"Kristin (Sunrei Healing) is an amazing animal communicator with a heart of gold.  She reached out and generously offered a practice session a few months ago for Bosco and was on target with him and opened doors to new things that I discovered about him too.  It blew my mind and I highly recommend this fantastical lady."
– Liz S.


Questions? Let's Talk...

Booking your first session? Interested in learning more about my services, techniques or experience? I invite you to book a complimentary Discovery Call so we can get to know each other better!